V1.08.1 Bug Fix Release

Here's 1.08.1, rolling up a bunch of fixes on top of 1.08.0 for crashes and other issues folks have found in testing that release.

Of note, several of you remarked about the hostility levels being a bit high, especially early on in the game when you're trying to get things established. I've tweaked several of the event settings to delay when hostile events start kicking in. Derelicts are reduced in frequency by about half, mainly just because there's a lot of really annoying pathing bugs they expose that we've not yet figured out. I've also hugely reduced so-called 'compound events' where multiple attacks happen simultaneously; we'd accidentally bumped up the frequency of those particular events in 1.8 and I suspect that may be the cause of some of the problems with seemingly constant attacks.

Other fixes include:

Contributors to this release were Bryce Harrington, Untrustedlife, and Andrew Hewson.

Full list of changes:

Andrew Hewson (1): Fix for squad disband crash.

Bryce Harrington (15): README: Fix word wrapping character: Prevent brawling in space character: Fix unassigned job sort crash Import SelectObjectForZoneMenu.lua from doublefine's install Fix crash with too many objects EnvObjects: Move dressers and shelves to residence menu UILayouts: Disable Command Console for now events: Bump up proportion of immigration events events: Dial back compound events events: Adjust minimum population for breaching immigration events events: Reduce frequency of derelict events events: Delay docking events events: Delay hostile derelicts packaging: Register certain things to not be included in the release package Add a release script to generate and sign tarballs

Rick Jones (2): Updated README Updated README

Untrustedlife (6): Import Buildhelper.lua Now the game will tell you how many hospital beds, tables and bars a room can hold. Bumped up chance that people will want to pick up weapons. Fixed nil value error and remove affinity check on inventory Security now attack violent rampagers as if they were raiders. Bulbous plants count for the morale hint too.

-- Bryce

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