All things in this Plan that are set within each patch number are set. They're open to reinterpretation or move to a later or earlier patch, but not removal. Everything on the wishlist is stuff that we CAN add into the game, but may or may not. It would require discussion with the team and making sure that it runs on the questions: Is it useful? Will it enhance gameplay (or just be a feature or add-on)? if neither, is it entertaining?

We all need to be under the understanding that the prioritised things need to get done as defined by the plan before we can work on side projects, but side projects and wishlist items can always be worked on as well. All dates are tentative to compensate for everyones varied schedules and holidays and general break times. Our vision for the game has been decided that we are to enhance the strengths of it being a "Build-Centric" game, wherein game elements are to move toward building and expanding the base. Storyline strengthening is a very close second.

All testing is done through testing team initially, but everyone tests for replication of bugs and fixes.

These are the current standings of all patches and additions, but can be moved forward or back depending on the amount of work required or new instances that come up (including feedback).

Gameplay Aspects to be grouped and enhanced that different players might prefer to one degree or another:

Preferably in that order, but not restricted to, as most players will enjoy multiple aspects at different times and levels of expertise. Weighting Building and Story to be the greater aspects of the overhaul is priority.

Implementation is referenced via Bryce's Implementation Plan document.

Patch version 1.08 (DONE)

Overhaul of the Malady/Sickness Code

Sickness code is being reworked to add or remove sicknesses with greater ease for developers. Reworking the code will change the gameplay to allow the player to be more attentive to the needs of the base general health and wellbeing. Sickness technology will need to be reworked in alignment to difficulty of the illness at an indetermined ratio. Levels of Sickness will be implemented to group easy to diagnose to hard to diagnose illnesses for categorising.

Currently assigned to: UL

Status: Completed

Refactor Events Code

The events code is currently a mish-mash of hardcoded logic. This effort will seek to make it a bit more data-driven, to make it easier to work on this code in the future. In particular, this will allow us to more easily tune the frequencies that the various events occur. All of the DoubleFine events will be replaced with new events of our own, including a sequence of events to provide a simple storyline.

Currently assigned to: Bryce

Status: Completed

New Website

Capabilities of a forum, of message sending to us, bug reporting and fixing. Useful, no gameplay change.

Currently assigned to: Cxsquared (code), Ed (Graphics)

Status: Mostly Completed, awaiting testing and Cxsquared domain changes.

Git Cherrypick - Fix rollout and releases

Rework how we release the game patches, where to, use stable branches for point releases (bug fixes).

Currently assigned to: Bryce

Status: Completed

Additional (mostly entertaining or features/add-ons):

Bug Fixes from 1.07.1:

Patch version 1.08.1 (DONE)

Bugfix release for the 1.08 tree. This will focus strictly on bug fixes cherrypicked from the 1.09 tree. Particular objectives include:

Patch version 1.09

We're aiming for a relatively quick turnaround on 1.09, which means keeping our feature objectives concise and targeted.

Dynamic Events

Build on the previous refactoring work to enable more interesting kinds of events, by establishing a much more powerful infrastructure for composing events. A number of per-event settings will be made available to event designers, such as controlling the number and identity of immigrants and raiders and so on. This will also include an array of new events to take advantage of the code.

Currently assigned to: Bryce

Status: Halfway Done

Weapons Overhaul

A better weapon data system will be added to replace the limited system in the Character code. This will add new weapons, new weapon capabilities, and more interesting interaction between characters and their weapons.

Currently assigned to: UL

Status: Nearly Complete

Rebalance the object costs

Costings of objects are off and require to be rebalanced. This will be done by discussion and listing of all objects (exception of inventory items) and recosting each object. Tests will include a run through of the new costing structure and finding bugs and gameplay issues that can happen.

Currently assigned to: Bryce

Status: Started, Not Completed

Rebalance Technology tree (allowing for future techs to be added and the new tech implementation in later patch)

Technology is ridiculous to research and needs to be reworked based on each of the characters abilities (it currently does, but needs to require better technological breakthrough ability). Gameplay will switch to more technology research as required.

Currently Assigned to: Bryce

Status: Started, Not Completed

Changes to the "big one"

Move the big one to an event that could POTENTIALLY happen, depending on the outcome of the base.

Currently assigned to: Bryce

Status: Not Started.

Patch version 1.09.1

This will be a strict bugfix-only release for the 1.09 series.

We'll target it for 2-4 weeks after the 1.09.0 release, manpower permitting.

Patch version 1.10.0

Map size increase

Increase map size to allow for more build room. Long range sensors can be technologically used to increase the size of your map which allows for longer gameplay and longer complexity.

Currently Assigned to: Bryce

Status: Not Started

Revamp Galaxy Start and Difficulties Settings

When starting a new game, the player should have more options for specifying the type of game they play, other than just pixel picking of a starting location. This should affect the relative difficulty, determine start conditions like number of initial crew members and asteroid composition, control the types and frequencies of events, and perhaps selection of storylines. Ultimately, this should give players a wider variety of gameplay experiences.

Currently assigned to: Bryce and anyone else.

Status: Not Started

Full Story implementation

A full story will be implemented but still an optional part of gameplay. If a character wishes to accept missions or send out parties for goals, they have the option to be more immersed in the gameplay and allow for a different experience than someone who just wants to build a space base.

Currently Assigned to: Bryce

Status: Not Started

Reformation of the Tech Tree

Tech tree will be implemented with new technologies and reworked using hexagons. Current tech implementation is basic and ugly, this will change the GUI and allow for a path to be created to get to desired technological advances. Gameplay will streamline the technological aspects and force more technological approach to building the spacebase.

Currently Assigned to: Bryce

Status: Started, Not Completed

Challenge Level Implementation

Challenge Level Implementation can be done via the Galaxy screen. This is per-Aspect weighting measurements "Challenge Levels" with scores varying from 0 to 6. These affect the game's difficulty. 1 being trivial and 6 being impossible. This will change the difficulty of what comes at you. More negative events later on, larger raid parties, etc. This also applies to the gameplay aspects as stated in the notes where certain gameplay aspects can and will be shut down eg. Combat is disabled for easy games, essentially a sandbox game.

Currently Assigned to: Bryce

Future work

Expansion of Squads

Squad code should be stable and apply the ability to group other members of squads eg. Group of Janitors roaming a certain area, A group of Builders that are tasked only to a derelict or a team of technicians maintaining O2 Generators.

Currently Assigned to: Unassigned

Overhaul of the UI Code

UI code needs to be reworked to make it easier to add additional objects in the menus, the popups and other dialogs and start menu. This wont enhance gameplay, but will enhance usefulness in allowing mod capabilities to be streamlined for new modders. Also allowing subdirectories in screen (Eg. Squad Screen)

Currently assigned to: Decoy, Skenners

Status: Started, Not Completed.

Overhaul of the Character Code

Character code overhaul will rebalance the characters needs, their state of being as well as how they approach their work. Artificial Intelligence improvements will be made via data dictacted code. This will improve gameplay as well as be able to allow modders to create their own characters with unique abilities if required. This will also have the beginnings of "Alignment" (good/evil) to be fully implemented in v1.09

Currently assigned to: Decoy, UL, Skenners

Status: Planned, Not Started.

Economy Implementation and Automation (when required)

Economic aspects already exist with matter, but a new currency will be used for those that wish to have a more in depth way of handling things. The economy will be introduced in a Technological breakthrough, until then, Matter will be the only thing that is required. When the economy has been introduced, Matter will still be the core unit to purchase and build things, but workers will insist on being paid and credits and matter can be converted between each other by buying and selling within the trade screen. This will be expanded to buying full asteroids for matter in later patches via cargo rooms. Food dispensers and pubs will charge credits for food and not affect your matter. Inventory objects in game can also be converted or "traded" for currency as well as a small stock exchange and currency listing will be available for all objects. Sales Only. Buying will be implemented in the next patch. Gameplay change can switch to micromanagement if required or wanted and the ability to automate things can be used for those that dont wish to have the micromanagement aspects, but still have the currency/credits in-game. Trade can be "Basic" or "Advanced" where you can access certain aspects of the game if you wanted the micromanagement aspect.

Currently assigned to: Skenners

Status: Planned, Not Started.

Inventory Implementation/Repair

Part of the inventory system exists within the game. Implementation of the inventory system will allow each character to hold various items (as they currently do), that we can see and "force them" to sell if we want. They can also pick up their inventory and move it to other places or have it destroyed. New weapons and armour will also be implemented as well as per the inventory list, exceptions are for things that require animation (for now). Minor Gameplay change, more feature and useful to remove objects off the map without having to destroy them outright (vaporise).

Currently assigned to: Skenners, Cxsquared.

Status: Not Started.

Full Trade Implementation

The ability to trade will be a technological breakthrough choice. Implementation of a full trade system. New trade room (cargo hold) and new trader characters. Ability to trade within the base itself, each transaction can gain currency as a "tax". Trade Routes can happen in conjunction with galactic communication to other planets and space bases in the galaxy (mentioned and shown in screens, no direct access to planets or spacebases). Allows for the opportunity for Multiplayer features in future patches. Good and bad trade routes can lower the cost of resources, matter and cost for objects during the duration of trade routes. Trade outputs will require production of new objects (Eg. Widget Maker, Engineering stuff). Can also sell excess food to starving outposts for x matter/coin. General Marketplace can be automated for those wishing to continue making a stable amount of money without trading or diplomacy. "Drifter Market". Also, Black Market where Guns, Armour and various illegal things can be bought and sold. The trade system would be volatile and can create busts and confiscations (changes alignments) Gameplay changes will allow for a focus toward trade, lowering costs of objects and allowing a larger base without economic restrictions of mining for asteroids only.

Currently Assigned to: Skenners, Cxsqured, Ed (graphics, new rooms)

Mod manager

This is currently already in progress, but may take more than this patch to complete. Takes care of the pain of installing mods directly into the game and allows for ease of mod use for new modders. Utility.

Currently assigned to: Decoy, Anyone else if required.

Status: Completed, requires testing

Galactic Communication - Diplomacy (including trade)

Contact using powerful subspace antennae upgrades (technological breakthroughs) can allow contact to other planets. initially, they contact you, when established, communication can be done vice versa. Negative relations can cause more attacks on your base from raiders or enforcers from other planets/spacestations. Reskinning can be done with existing animations. Positive relations can lead to trade routes and lowered costs. Multiplayer allowances for future patches as well. Gameplay changes will result in diplomatic adventures that can be interwoven into the new storylines as well as new objectives and goals.

Currently Assigned to: Skenners and anyone else

Food Menu Restructure

New hydroponics plants will allow for a better varied menu that makes sense based on what's required. Allow combinations of different ingredients to cook special meals. Recipies will be categorised and written correctly to allow for people that wish to have micromanagement and create favourite foods for characters.

Goals Rework

Goals will need to be overhauled to allow for new missions as well as full story implementation reminders. These are optional. Gameplay will be changed drastically if a player decides to embark on goals to gain credits/matter/objects


Additional (mostly entertaining or features/add-ons):

*New characters (traitors, outlaws, New Galactic Police (NCR.. i mean NGP), - Assigned to: All *New Artwork - Assigned to: Unknown, Ed (backup) *New Races (in text only, no anims required yet) - Assigned to: Unknown, Ed (backup) *New Rooms - Cargo Room, Potential Trade Area - Assigned to: Ed, Unknown (backup), Landing Bay (For trade ships) *New Objects - Cargo Shelf, Trade Vendor Stand, Landing Bay Door, Garden/Observation Bench, Credits to Matter conversion stand

New Objects requiring art:

Cargo Room Wall, Cargo Room Floor, Trade Room Wall, Trade Room Floor, cargo shelf, Trade Vendor Stand (Size of a bar), Trade Ships (may require animation, but can be worked using current animations), Landing Bay Room Wall, Landing Bay Room Door, Garden/Observation Bench, Menu Icons, Docking Adaptors for ships, Credits to Matter conversion stand.

*New Rooms - 2 new rooms, this will be where the glass wall will be implemented (not throughout every zone. Observation room and in garden), Command Center - Assigned to: Ed (artwork), anyone (code), Decoy (command center) *New Plants (we need to add in a minimum of 4 plants to improve the gardens) Assigned to: Ed (artwork), anyone (code) *New Technology - Extended Space Suits (gen 2 and 3), longer space walks to compensate for future map changes. Assigned to: Skenners *New Items - Locker, Plants (See New Plants), Mr Happy (refer to Mr Happy Robot), Glass Walls, Glass Tiles, Small Power Unit

New Objects requiring art:

Plants, Room Colorations, new tiles (glass and colours), new walls (glass and colours), Menu Icons, Mr Happy Robot, Small Power Unit







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